Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of Preventative Maintenance Contracts?

With a Preventative Maintenance you can help prevent unnecessary break downs and nuisance service calls.  

There are also benefits to our contracts including discounted labor rate and discounted parts.  

What's included in a Preventative Maintenance Contract?

How much does a Preventative Maintenance Contract cost?

Prices will vary based on the amount of equipment you have and the frequency of service.  If you're interested in a service contract give us a call and together we can figure out the best solution for your business!

How often should I have my ice machine cleaned?

There are a several factors that need to be considered with ice machine cleanings. This includes: the manufacturers recommendation, the location of the machine, and how often it is used.  Together we can figure out a plan to keep your ice machine clean and safe for customers!

What kitchen equipment do you work on?

We install, service, and repair kitchen equipment including Walk-in Freezers and Coolers, Ice Cream Machines, Ice Machines,  Refrigeration and Cooking Equipment.

Do you do any residential work?

Yes! While our primary focus is in Commercial Refrigeration we also do residential tune ups, diagnoses, and installations.